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AN exhibition of dolls’ houses and miniatures raised over £1,000 for the Pepper Foundation charity, the paediatric arm of Iain Rennie Hospice at home. The annual charity show put on by the Aylesbury Dolls House Club was staged at Wilstone village hall for the first time at the suggestion of local members Anne and Jack Quartly. A modest entrance fee helped to ensure a good turn out to see the hall packed with dolls houses of all types, some fascinating models and a number of trade stands where all sorts of tiny things could be bought. Particularly amazing was the miniature tableau of a dolls house exhibition – featured in our picture. In a corner of this miniature village hall is a scale model of the miniature, and within that a further miniature of the model of the model. Wow. Better stop there before a crack appears in the space time continuum, and we vanish into infinity. Anyway it seems to have been a success for the charity and the Aylesbury Dolls House Club, and was certainly something different for the village hall. Let’s hope they come again.