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Everybody knows what the strange people in the Long Marston and Puttenham Horticultural Society do – they potter about in old clothes doing puzzling things to plants; a bit like a cross between Alan Titchmarsh and Miss Marple.  Well, there are some a bit like that, it’s true, but there are many other quite normal types who don’t have noticeably green fingers, and who spend a lot of their time helping to arrange, organise and run events in the village, like the May Ball and the Annual Village Show. 

Others help to maintain the web site ( which is a fascinating store of local information and well worth a visit.  Part of this web site covers all aspects of the history of our local area, and much of the information has been provided by local residents sharing their memories and stories.

We are always interested to hear from our fellow Long Marstonites and Puttenhamites, so if you have any recollections or family stories concerning any aspect of the villages we would love to share them.

Any subject is of interest – The Airfield, Village Pubs, Shops and Businesses, The Wars, Local Characters – anything.  Please contact us with your stories and memories either by post to: Martin Winship,13 Marston Court, Long Marston, HP23 4QS or by email:

Our aim is to produce a Long Marston and Puttenham booklet, in which all contributions will be acknowledged.

Article by Martin Winship.