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Mrs Olli Wheeler-Cornell from Long Marston is the new Parish Councillor filling the vacancy left by the departure of Mrs Kim Deathe.

She was sworn in at the May meeting of the Council and signed the register accepting her duties. Mrs Wheeler-Cornell was one of several people who expressed an interest in filling the vacancy. As no request to hold an election was received by the Parish Council (electors have to make a formal request to trigger a ballot) the process is that candidates are interviewed by a panel of Councillors who then make the appointment. Mrs Wheeler-Cornell has lived in the area for five years, previously at Bulbourne, before moving to Long Marston recently. She told Village News that she had come forward because she was interested in local government and wanted to make a contribution to the community. At the AGM of the Parish Council, Cllr Mike Tomlinson was re-elected chairman. Cllr Chris Griffiths continues as vice-chairman and Cllr Abby Fermont is chairman of planning.

June 2010