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Article for the Village News – March

“‘Tis I, Gerald the Herald…” but I’m sure all you pantomime fans enjoyed yourselves this year. I am now in recovery mode after weeks of scenery painting, including spending all last weekend up at the village hall putting finishing touches to half the scenes and of course the song board which I have been doing for 10 years (it shows!). (more…)

Article for the Village News – February

With Christmas out of the way, one’s thoughts turn to the new year of 2011 and what joys and sorrow it may bring. It started well for me as by the 5th, I had managed to break my glasses, put my foot through my mobile phone and drive through a pothole, resulting in a flat tyre! This was however merely the pre-cursor of what I was to discover on the 6th. Walking with trepidation up to the village hall, I was given my panto script and discovered that I am to get not one but two custard pies in the face! What I have done to justify this is a complete mystery to me but I’m sure over the coming weeks there will be any number of friends and associates only too happy to point out valid reasons for this treatment. (more…)


At the beginning of January I attended my first Long Marston and Puttenham Horticultural Society AGM, held at Victory Hall. The start time was 8.30pm which in Long Marston time means around 9pm or once everyone had had a chat and refreshments had been set out and we all had a drink and some cheese or fruit to nibble on, then the serious business of the meeting could begin. (more…)