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THE much debated Parish and Borough Councils’ project to build eight affordable homes in Wilstone for local people passed the next stage in the lengthy approval process when it was reviewed by the Dacorum Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee in June. Dacorum Councillor Derek Townsend had “called in” the proposal for review by the committee because of allegations from a resident of impropriety. Cllr Townsend told the Parish Council that he felt that because of the allegation, he had no option but to call in the proposal for official public review in order to demonstrate that there was no impropriety. He said he had been hurt by the accusation, which
he said had no foundation. The Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee agreed that there was no reason why land should not be transferred to Aldwyck Housing Group. Formal planning permission will be sought to build the eight homes. Residents and the Parish Council will have a further opportunity to comment on the final plans within the next few weeks. Associated improvements to parking in Grange Road were crucial to the scheme, councillors said.