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A consequence of the failed affordable housing scheme in Wilstone is that additional parking spaces in Grange Road will not now be provided either.

The extra parking spaces were to have been paid for by the developer, Aldwyck Housing Group, who abandoned the site in March after walking away from their contract with Dacorum Borough Council. In a letter to the Parish Council, James Doe, Head of Housing at Dacorum, said that DBC did not have any control over the decision of the chosen developer. They had now offered the contract to two other developers of affordable housing who had until the end of May to respond. In the meantime the site had been properly fenced, and arrangements would be made for its maintenance. Ownership of the land had reverted to Dacorum. The reason given by Aldwyck for walking away – the high water table and the cost of storm water disposal – still does not ring true with those connected with this project, which was after all, five years in the planning.

June 2010