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A railway line used to follow a route from Cheddington station to Aylesbury, crossing the Long Marston to Wingrave road at “Marston Gate” about one mile out of Long Marston. The line was built as a branch line of the London and Birmingham, later renamed LNWR in 1846. The line was officially opened on the 10th June 1839, but Marston Gate was not opened until 1860. By carriage the journey from Aylesbury to London took 14 hours but with the new line the same journey (via Cheddington) took 2½ hours. The journey from Cheddington to Aylesbury was 7 miles and took 14 minutes and cost £59 000 to build.The main use of Marston Gate was transportation of milk, cattle and manure.

Jack Rogers, signalman and porter spent all his working life at Marston Gate.

Passenger traffic ceased on the 2nd February 1953 and goods traffic ceased ten years later on 2nd December 1963.

To this day the station house still exists.