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A bottle of Australian Shiraz waiting for someone to claim it. The lucky winner dropped £2.00 and 10 raffle tickets though the door at No 1 Chapel End Lane a couple of days before the Fete. Unfortunately the raffle tickets were not the stubs with your name and phone number, but the tickets themselves. So that your tickets could still be entered in the raffle we wrote out 10 fresh tickets and entered them into raffle knowing that the odds were against them being drawn! But. Guess what! They won a bottle of Shiraz – so you are now a lucky winner! Hopefully you know who you are! So, if you would like to contact us we will be pleased to exchange one bottle of Shiraz for your ticket stubs which are probably numbered 0356-0360 or 0411-0415. Please collect soon before we become too tempted by this bottle of wine standing on our kitchen dresser! John Painter